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Welcome to John On Business, where I do my best to provide you with information you can use to run your small business better. I will be posting articles as fast as I can write them while working on my business too. If you like what you read please sign up for my mailing list and follow me on social media to get updates on the latest content!

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  • How to Get Your S-Corp Tax Day Extension
    While personal and most corporate taxes are due each year on April 15, the S-Corp is a notable exception. I suppose the IRS probably wanted to stagger the paperwork a bit and so they chose the S-Corp to file a little early, figuring it would cause the least amount of burden on taxpayers since the S-Corp isn’t taxed at the federal level. Thus you won’t actually owe any federal taxes for your S-Corp, but the …
  • How to Write Meeting Minutes
    One of the few corporate compliance items you must complete to maintain that separation between you and your business is the minutes for your company meetings. “Minutes” is just the fancy word for “notes” but a little more formalized into a structure or template. It’s not difficult and an easy format is presented below. I’ve previously written about how this paperwork requirement isn’t that bad and shouldn’t be cause for not taking that step toward …
  • The Board and Officers
    After writing about how to file your Statement of Information it occurred to me that how corporations are organized may not be well known. You’ve probably heard terms like Chairman of the Board, CEO, CFO, and CIO, but may not know their meanings or who reports to who. This article will shed some light on the easiest way to structure your small corporation. The first thing you have to remember is that a corporation is …
  • Simple and Cheap Way to File Your Corporate Statement of Information
    Remember when you incorporated there was a step for entering the directors of your company? In that step ( you could list out the primary people at the head of your organization if you wanted to disclose it even though it wasn’t required. I said not to bother since you’d have to do it again anyway in the Statement of Information and that’s what this article is about. Basically within 90 days of incorporating and …
  • Apply for an S-Corp in 10 Minutes or Less
    It’s been about a month since you submitted your incorporation papers and today you received your official number and approval. Congratulations! You are now a CEO and a Chairman of the Board! If you’ve decided to be an S-Corp then one of your first orders of business should be to fill out the application and mail it in to the IRS. Wait – didn’t you just do that? No – remember when you incorporate you …

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