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Welcome to John On Business, where I do my best to provide you with information you can use to run your small business better. I will be posting articles as fast as I can write them while working on my business too. If you like what you read please sign up for my mailing list and follow me on social media to get updates on the latest content!

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  • Choosing Your Fiscal Year
    Fiscal: relating to government revenue, especially taxes. Oxford Dictionary Did you know that you can set the tax year for your business? Yup that’s right. If you want to begin your tax year in April and end it the following March you can do that. Begin in September and end in August? You could do that too. You can set your tax year to end within any month in fact, but the question remains – …
  • Choosing a Company Name
    So you’ve got a great skill or product and have decided to go into business for yourself. Maybe you already have some paying customers and it’s time to make your business “legit”. You may have even decided your company will be big enough to justify incorporating from the start, but you’ve got one big problem – no company name. This can be a huge sticking point for a lot of new companies. After wracking your …
  • Don’t Avoid a Corporation for the Paperwork
    One of the biggest arguments I hear for forming an LLC over a corporation is the difference in record keeping between the two entities. The LLC crowd says it has significantly less record-keeping than corps and I don’t think in a small business with 1-3 owners the amount is all that significant. I’d like to dispel a few myths here with facts. First let me say that I’m not against LLCs – if that’s the …
  • When is the Best Time of Year to Incorporate?
    Congratulations on making the choice to incorporate your small business! You’re probably as excited as a kid on Christmas to get things moving forward when the thought hits, “I could actually make this my Christmas present!” Well you might want to wait an extra week and I’ll tell you why. In most states, including California where I live, the taxing agency levies a minimum annual tax just for doing business in the state. Thanks, right? …
  • Save Thousands by Incorporating your Business
    Thirty years ago when I first started my business I didn’t even think about forming a corporation. The paperwork seemed daunting, the internet barely had any useful information on how to do it and the price to incorporate was a bit steep for a new company that hadn’t even billed for its first job yet. So of course by default I was a Sole Proprietor. And that suited me just fine. I was running networking …

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